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Around the World

Nothing more rewarding than to having your child engage in fun learning activities.  Incorporating arts and crafts or  handmade items  in their activities is educational.  I recently read an article on how to  teach your child to be multi-cultural by bringing a little of the culture and language of other countries into their little world.  Get blank flash cards.  Have them pick a country and help them do some research of that country.  Take the flash card and on one side write an activity, landmark, etc. of that country.  On the other side of the flash card, have them write down a phrase or word in the foreign language, like ‘hello”, “good day”, etc.  Kids will love this part…now, bring your crayola caddies and color the cards using that country’s flag color or more.   Enjoy your time with your kids!!

At what age..

...should you stop dressing your kids?  My daughter is twenty one and I still want to determine what she wears.  Of course, all I could do is suggest.  Not like when she was a baby, when I could take out that pink ruffle dress and handmade white thin soft headband with pink flower.

Need Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

I have some great Mother’s Day gift ideas I want to share.  Handmade unique boutique items–a keepsake for a lifetime.  Let me know if you need some help coming up with special gift idea this Mother’s Day.

Accessorizing Your Wardrobe

I was asked if wearing leopard or zebra prints was tasteless.  I personally like to add a splash of leopard and zebra prints to girls’ handmade bows, headbands, fabric flowers to complement a simple and solid clothing item.

What do you think?

Going Loopy!

Little girls love these loopy bows.  They come in a wide variety of colors.  Perfect loopy bows to accessorize the Easter outfit.  Specially handmade bows and hair accessory for any outfit.

Do you have Easter outfits all picked out?

For Thin Fine Hair

No matter your type of hair, I use just the right type of clips or clippie to help keep handmade hair accessories on.  Your little one will wear the lightweight clippies all day.  Do you have trouble keeping hair accessory on your princess?

Don’t worry there’s something beautiful for every hair type.


Runway Style

Top designers are accessorizing their fashions with hairbows and headbands.  Models walk in the latest fashion trend and in style with their sophisticated, vintage or modern bow to compliment the outfit.

If you have an idea of what you want need or want to wear at an event, party, bridal shower, etc.   Let me know, I’m always enthusiastic about trying something new.  Walk in style…who said you need to be on the runway.

Easter Colors

Headband and Fabric Applique OnesieThis is the time of year when I most enjoy custom making fabric applique onesies, headbands, hairbows, clippies, and flowers.  Theres’ nothing more exhilarating than handmaking boutique items for special occasions to match gorgeous Easter outfits.  If you’re interested in a special hair accessory for your little one, let me know.  I have great ideas for this Easter.

New Travel Ideas

I remember when my kids were growing up.  I would place a few wipes in zipper baggie to carry in my purse.  Not attractive at all =).  Wish I would have known about these stylish new travel wipe cases back then.

Let me know if you’re looking for one specific color and I’ll post it for you.

Wearing Hairbows in Style

Saw a clip in the news on hairbow trends in celebrities and I had to share this pic.  I absolutely loved how Rhianna wore her hairbow.   You can wear this to any occasion.  Out on the town, or a special event.

Don’t you think it’s stylish?